Sometimes you just cannot see the wood for the trees, need a confidence boost, or just need to adjust focus. People are always willing to share positive feedback, but can find it challenging to share another form. I have always viewed feedback as a gift to me, and like with any gift it is up to me what I do with it.

As champions of people development, we all know that feedback is fundamental in supporting our people to learn and grow, and if we’re waiting for our annual review process to facilitate this, I am sure you will all agree that we’re not enabling enough of it without the overkill.

So if feedback is such a precious gift, then surly our challenge in the world of learning and development is to find accessible and constructive ways that enable or people to get the encouragement and recognition they need and furnish them with the golden nuggets of developmental tips on how they can be even more amazing.

So how have we faced up to this challenge?
Inspired by some of the work delivered in a previous life at Virgin Media by the very talented; Suzie Carr, Emily Scammell and Chris Parsons,

The vision was set, underpinned by culture and values as the backbone to developing all our learning interventions and tools, the gauntlet was passed to Nick West (The man in my team who has a phenomenal ability to get stuff done and makes all things happen regardless of what is thrown in his path) Supported by our much cherished digital partner Jam-Pan (more on partners in another blog) we commenced our quest to create an “in the moment” accessible tool that:

  • aligned to our values
  • Could be requested or offered
  • facilitated constructive input
  • connected feedback to customer impact
  • gave instant recognition / development to the individual
  • flagged feedback for further recognition to line manager
  • in a format that could support the performance review cycle
  • drive forward the engagement of our people

The creative and very supportive team over at Mosquito stood up to the challenge and helped us build and launch our “anytime feedback” tool.


The app is also a website, and can be accessed from multiple places; however it’s been a slow burner for utilisation and we’ve not yet been able to correlate anytime feedback to some of the engagement drivers scores from our culture survey, deliver by our partner at Peakon.

This is a year of embedding and so we’ll be connecting anytime feedback to so much of what we do, including some employee awards and creating a 360 feedback version that supports development programmes and performance reviews etc.

I’d love to hear what anyone else has either created on their quest to create a continual learning culture or hear of anyones tips on driving utilisation!