I've been privilaged to lead learning and development teams both directly and indirectly across a number customer centric brands in the hospitality, telecommunications, medical assistance and financial services industries. Most recently at Old Mutual Wealth, I lead a small internal team suported by a number of key partners to deliver on an ambitious agenda around building a service that ignites the aspirations of our “people” and our “business” to achieve prosperity for the generations of today and tomorrow.

Collectively, we want our people to want to learn with us because they feel that their development needs are anticipated, heard, challenged appropriately, invested in and inspired. To help us deliver on this we focus on the following areas:

  • Learning & development help desk
  • Performance management & feedback
  • Engagement & inclusion
  • Talent & succession
  • Development programmes
  • Governance & compliance learning
  • Values & culture

Insights to me and the roles I've had:

The landscapes in which I've been inspired and subsequently thrived:

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