Learning at work week 2018 ( this year is all about "Networked for Learning" and I just couldn't miss the opportunity to launch my blog site to start conversations with my talented and passionate network. Please check out what this blog site is all about and join in the conversations.

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Personal reflections on "Networked for Learning"
We all know that development is not just about attending a course, and although education is critical to underpinning the things that you do from a professional perspective, I think you will all agree that most of our learning comes from what we get exposure to and the experiences that we have. I feel very fortunate to have had many developmental opportunities in these spaces. Here is just one related to "Networked for Learning"

Having a Mentor – Someone who has been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt. My many mentors have listened to the challenges I am experiencing at the time and have openly shared their experiences good and bad of when they faced similar. They each have helped me work through the things I will do as a result of hearing their stories. Not only do I get to draw on the vast experiences of others including their mistakes, I get exposure to some very senior people in the business. This has the added bonus of helping me to become a known entity in the organisation. (Particularly useful when first starting out on your career).

There really is no need for me to call out the many individual and organisational benefits that a mentor programme brings, however I am sure you will all agree that running a mentor programme in your organisation can be time consuming. Requiring resources for; marketing the programme, reviewing applications, matching, setting up relationships and tracking progress, the list goes on.

We found ourselves wanting all of the benefits, but lacked the resources required to do it successfully. That is until we found a mentoring software partner in The team over at mentorloop helped us take out all the leg work and deliver all the benefits!

For us it is an always switched on resource for when people need it (not just a once a year initiative) that works very much like a dating app for mentoring; making matches (or as they call them loops) provides resources to mentors and mentees at key milestones of the mentoring journey and provides us with valuable insights for learning impact reporting. Boom!

I'd love to hear what each of your experiences are of mentoring and how your organisations run programmes?