A few years ago, Expedia travelled into amusing territory with three commercials tagged with "Travel Yourself Interesting” In each spot, achingly average people become intensely interesting to friends and co-workers after taking trips booked through the their booking portals.

Having recently been reminded of the campaign when discussing the challenge of inclusion at work, it got me to think about how much personal value I had derived from travel and the diversity of people I have met along the way. I also had the realisation that travel was the area that has challenged and developed me the most.
There are two kinds of people. The ones who think travel is a luxury and the ones who believe travel is a necessity. I’m of the latter, however I’ve only managed to navigate 27% (68 Countries) of the world and have plans to significantly increase this in the coming years.

Through travel you to experience new cultures, different outlooks, and new foods; trying out a wonder array of activities. I am most myself and make the most wonderful of human connections when I have my backpack on.

Because of travel, I am more aware of politics, humanitarian issues, environmental struggles, cultures and traditions. Making me a more rounded and frankly a more interesting global citizen. Because of travel I have more confidence, take more balanced decisions, find better solutions and have greater empathy.

Travel has helped me develop and maintain strong professional and personal networks, which I can call on when needed and vice versa.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to take time off on secondment or leave jobs to be able to do this; however I know that it is not always accessible to others for many reasons!

So what other interventions are out there that could help someone broaden their outlooks?